Barrier gates are perfect solutions for providing a secure access to environment such as building, apartments & residences. There are many benefits of having barrier and gate security, as an extra layers of security to help with crowd control or prevent the opportunist thief for entering your business or residential. There are various technologies for an automatic boom barrier. One of them is electro-mechanical, which is widely used due to its reliability. There electro-mechanical devices come with 24VDC drive units which can run continuously without generating heat.


Functions & Features

  • No clutch design, without manual intervention
  • Using the single compressing spring, easy to adjust, no noise, not easy to be broken
  • A variety of input and output modes can be selected, often open and close can be selected
  • Opening angle can be adjusted from 55 – 90 degrees, 10 degrees resolution
  • Adjustable speed, suitable for any type of arm
  • Auto Reserve function & Swing out function to prevent further damages to the vehicle
  • OMSM motor operating noise less than 60db
  • Direction LEFT and RIGHT easy to be changed
  • Auto closing function
  • Flashing light port, loop detector port, counting port, photocell port, RS485 port, PC port,
Lane width

Max. 4m

Opening/closing time

1.8 second

Power consumption

Max. 50W

Drive technology

PSMS motor


DC 24V

Duty cycle

10 million times

Housing dimensions (WxDxH)

341 x 313 x 958.7 mm

Enclosure rating

IP 65 Waterproof

Temperature range

-30 to +55 C




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