Compatible with RF860

Bluetooth Long-range Reader System

  • Optical excitation, CDMA, sleep wake up, wireless communications, CPU automatically identify
    other high-tech crystal;
  • Reader speed ,10-40 km per hour may stop readers;
  • Reader distance adjustable 3-20 m;
  • Having good direction, optical excitation range up to 120 degrees;
  • The use of advanced CDMA communication technology, there is no interference with the
    adjacent lane;
  • Do not stop, do not open the window for reading a card;



TRF-800 Bluetooth long-range reader


  • Operating modes: optical excitation positioning, CDMA communications
  • Read direction can be adjusted in six direction: up and down, left and right, depression angle
    and elevation angle;
  • Anti-collision multi-card deal
  • Wiegand 26 and RS485 output
Power Supply

DC 12V/3A



Infrared Frequency



1-20 meters maximum distance

Reader Response Time

0.1 seconds

Reader speed

0.5 seconds

Reader time interval

0.5-0.8 seconds

Operating temperature

-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃


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