K3 Pro

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer.

K3PRO the best solution to replace THERMOGUN by adoption latest infrared sensor capability MOST FAST & ACCURATE TEMPERATURE SCAN.


Questionable accuracy, long queues, & BATTERY SORRY.

  • Non-contact does not need to be held or touched, reducing potential spread of viruses / germs.
  • Warning light & sound emitting when passing temperature reading normal or fail to read
  • Can be connected to a computer via USB to record temperature readings directly to the software.


  1. Voice Broadcash, Normal temperature notification | Abnormal
  2. Temparature Setting, Can set lower limit & upper limit temperature
  3. Counter & Software, The data is stored and can be downloaded
  4. Adapter, Save battery, power directly to the power source
  5. Indicator Alarm, The green light on the indicator is normal | abnormal red
  6. One week standby, Design for continuous & long term use

±0.2 degrees (35-42°C., place it in the operating environment for 30 minutes before use

Alarm Function

Abnormal automatic alarm, flash + sound alarm for about 10 seconds

Measuring Distance

5cm – 10cm automatic measurement


LCD display

Transmission Interface

USB type C

Adaptable Power Supply

4 AA batteries ( external power supply and internal power supply can be switched

Install Method

Nail hook, Bracket fixing

Environment Temperature

10°C – 40°C (recommended 15°C – 35°C

Measuring Range

0 – 50°C

Response Time

0.5s (second)


30s automatic standby during non-working hours


DC 5V 500ma





Counting Capacity

9999 times


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