MX80 | CT-BG180

1.8s + 3m LED


Barrier gate is the most common solution used for controlling acces of vehichles. It can be used in any locations such as residentials, office buildings, factories, hotels, malls, schools and hospitals. Barrier gate improves security from intrusion using vehicles and helps preventing vehicle theft. MX80 barrier gate is excellent solution for most of your requirements. It uses AC motor for arm movements.  MX80 barrier gate combines richness in features with affordable price. It has built in LED light, better heat dissipation, sturdier body, more flexibility in positioning the device and anti-knock system.


 Basic Features:

  • By-security. The barrier will automatically go back when meet obstacles during closing.
  • AC motor is more powerful and no maintenance.
  • Beam can be chosen from 3 meters to 6 meters, and barrier closing time is also arranged
    from 1 second to 6 seconds.
  • The barrier can be both right-installed and left-installed.
  • All the operation process is soft without any noise and shaking.
  • Infrared photocell interface, Loop detector interface and IC system interface are reserved for
    the other functions.
  • Green light and red light are used inside for indication the position of the beam.
Lane Width

Max. 4m

Opening/Closing time

1.8 – 3 second

Drive Technology

AC Motor

Machine Core Working Temperature

-25 °C +85 °C

Electric Cabinet Working Temperature

-20 °C +75 °C

Rating Voltage

220/110V±10%, 50/60Hz

Rating Power


Relative Humidity


Remote Control Distance


Duty Cycle

5 Milion Time

Dimension Barrier Gate (W*D*H)

400*380*1030 mm

Dimensions Packaging Barrier Gate

470*420*1200 mm

Dimensions Packaging Arm

81*46*4010 mm

Weight Barrier Gate

65 Kg

Enclosure Rating



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