Features :

• Choice of Readers
Support full range of card readers. ZK KR-Series readers are stylish and waterproof. C3 supports any wiegand-output reader, including HID Prox, iClass, and XceedID Multi-Technology.

• Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Save cost. C3 controller rmwares can be upgraded without any advanced tools. New features can extend and expand the value of your investment.

• More than Door Control
Access additional control and interface. After programming, auxiliary relays can be functioned as lights, alarms and intrusion detection panels. Extra locking devices or gate controllers can be accessed.

• Built-In Advanced Access Control
Anti-Passback, First-Card Opening, Multi-Card Opening, Duress Password Entry, and Auxilary Input/ Output linkages are built into controller rmware. 

• Communication
C3 controllers can be installed easily on your network and support both TCP/IP and RS-485 communications. Auto-discovery tool allows setting and modication of network parameters directly and easily.

• Capacity
Support up to 30,000 badge users and store up to 100,000 events and transactions. Data is preserved if power is lost. Controller continues to operate if network connection is interrupted.

• Options
C3 controllers come in 3 sizes to suit project needs and reduce the cost of unused capacity. 1-door, 2-door, and 4-door models can be mixed and matched in an optimized system architecture, devices or gate controllers.

• For Software Developers
SDK is available for integrators and OEM’s to integrate the C3 controller with their or existing security or personnel management applications. Upon request, ZK can customize C3 rmware to meet any customer requirements.


Number of Doors Controlled

2 Door

Number of Wiegand Reader


Types of Readers Supported

26-bit Wiegand, others upon request

Number of Inputs

6 (2 Exit Device, 2 Door Status, 2 AUX)

Number of Outputs

4 (2-From C Relay for Lock and 2-Form C Relay for Aux Output)

Card Holders Capacity


Log Events Capacity



7.5lbs (3.4kg)


TCP/IP and RS-485


Powder Coated Aluminium


Wall Mount

Dimensions ( Board Only)



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